Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council
A repository of financial data and institution characteristics collected by the Federal Reserve System

Help - Institution Profile

The Institution Profile page provides detailed characteristic information about an institution. These characteristic information include attributes such as the INSTITUTION LOCATION, Institution Type, Primary Federal Regulator, Federal Reserve Bank District, Status, Insurance and other institution unique identifiers.

Financial Data

Financial reports that an institution is required to report. See About Financial Report page for detailed information.

Organization Hierarchy

The ownership relationships of the institution. See Organization Hierarchy page for detailed information.


Provides changes to an institution's characteristic and structure information over time. Changes can be, but not limited to, mergers and acquisitions made by the institution; updates to an institution's name or address; entity type; institution closure; and/or institution failure. History includes: Date, Type of Event, Institution Involved, RSSD ID, Notes


Formerly branch locater. A search option that provides a comprehensive list of all branches belonging to a banking institution. Not all banks will have branches therefore, the option will only be available to those that do. A banking institution that is a Head Office typically has branches. The NIC does not provide information for the branches of credit unions. Following information is displayed for each branch:

  1. Legal Institution Name
  2. RSSD ID: Located after the institution name. The RSSD ID is a unique identifier assigned to each institution by the Federal Reserve Board
  3. Branch Address: The location includes the street address if available. The city and state will be displayed if the institution is domestic. The city and country will be displayed if the institution is foreign.