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Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council
A repository of financial data and institution characteristics collected by the Federal Reserve System


The National Information Center (NIC) provides comprehensive financial and structure information on banks and other institutions for which the Federal Reserve has a supervisory, regulatory, or research interest including both domestic and foreign banking organizations that operate in the U.S.

The NIC Public Website Redesign Initiative

We're working to modernize and simplify the site both for public users and advanced researchers. We want a site that allows users to access data with mobile and tablet devices as easily as their desktops. We also want to improve the overall user experience.

Release schedule

March 2018

Release 1 of the new NIC Public Website (NPW 2.0) includes the Institution Search tool which allows users to search for domestic and foreign entities such as US branches of foreign banking organizations. This new search combines the current NIC Public Website (NPW 1.0) ‘Institution Search’ and ‘USBA Search’ into one simplified, modern tool.

The Large Holding Companies list replaces (NPW 1.0’s) ‘Holding Companies with Assets Greater than 10 Billion’ list. Only the title, language and presentation have changed on the new site; the list and the data that determines the rankings are identical on both sites.

The BHCPR Peer Reports, and FR Y15 Snapshot are included in this release as well. The presentation has been modernized; the reports and data are identical on both sites.

September 2018

The second release of NPW 2.0 includes the bulk data download tool and all of the financial reports.

Later in 2018

The final release of NPW 2.0 will include the organizational hierarchy feature. Links to the existing NPW 1.0 feature will be provided until this tool is completed on the new site.

NPW 2.0 is slated for completion in later in 2018. We will take down NPW 1.0 soon after.

Using the site on mobile devices

This new site is built so that the content and tools automatically re-size to fit the screen of the device of the user.

You may notice when viewing data that is presented in table format on a mobile device, some of the columns seem to disappear. Actually, as the data table shrinks to fit the device, screen columns are hidden in order of importance. To view hidden columns, just click or touch the first column in the row. The data from hidden columns will re-appear as details of the row.

Site Features

Search Institutions

Allows the user to search for an institution's financial data, hierarchy, history and branches. It also allows the user to search for U.S. branches and agencies of Foreign Banking Organizations (FBOs).

Large Holding Companies (Formerly HCs > $10B)

Provides a list of holding companies with reported total consolidated assets greater than $10 billion, as per the quarter-end date. Institutions are ranked in descending order based on total reported assets, displaced in thousands of dollars. To be included in this list, an institution must submit its assets on the FR Y-9C or FR 2320 forms and report total assets greater than $10 billion.

Financial data are received on a flow basis, which means the financial data may not be available for all of the institutions at the same time. Institutions will appear in the list once the total consolidated asset amount reported exceeds the $10 billion threshold.

BHCPR Peer Reports

Contain summaries of peer group financial data and a listing of bank holdings companies in each peer group.

FR Y-15 Report

Banking Organization Systemic Risk Report (Y-15). Provide data from individual FR Y-15 submissions within a single file and are available annually as of the last calendar day of the year (December 31). For information on the format and structure of the data files see the FR Y-15 Snapshots User Guide

Data Download

Provides end users with bulk data sets, in either XML or CSV format, of structure data for select banks and institutions for which the Federal Reserve has a supervisory, regulatory or research interest.