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Bulk Data Download


The Bulk Data Download page provides tables of structure information for select banks and institutions for which the Federal Reserve has a supervisory, regulatory, or research interest, including both domestic and foreign banking organizations operating in the United States. Attributes files are currently available for all active banks and institutions, the last instance of associated closed institutions, and all related branches. Additionally, the Relationships file, describing ownership between companies, and the Transformations file, detailing mergers, are also provided. More details regarding the file content can be accessed by scrolling over the file names. For additional information of the table and column details, please see the Data Dictionary.

Each download will include the associated xml and xsd (schema) files as a combined Winzip file. Consumers of the downloadable data files will require their own software to interpret and load the xml files into their databases. These files are not easily readable without the additional software. The xml files contain the actual data wrapped in syntax to aid the software on how to load the data. The xsd files provide descriptive information about the data stored in the corresponding xml file and includes column names, data types, primary key, and a timestamp of the generated data.

Disclaimer: Data are only available as currently published which is reflected by the “As-of Date.” When prompted how to view the file, you should SAVE it to your computer or device.


Structure DataAs-of DateFile Size
Attributes- Active2018-06-306,899.67 KB
Attributes- Closed2018-06-3016,518.01 KB
Attributes- Branches2018-06-3017,719.37 KB
Relationships2018-06-306,381.12 KB
Transformations2018-06-30841.11 KB

If you would like to provide feedback regarding the presentation of the data (but not the actual data), please click here.

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