FFIEC Census and Demographic Data

To support the collection, reporting, and analysis of HMDA and CRA data, the FFIEC publishes certain census, income, and Metropolitan Area data for geographies. The FFIEC geography-based data are updated as required by changes in area delineations by the Office of Management and Budget (OMB). Because these data are updated periodically by the FFIEC, the FFIEC data may differ from data obtained directly from the Census Bureau. These data are intended to be used with HMDA and CRA data only and may not be suitable for other analytical purposes. Census data are available in the following formats:

    The FFIEC Online Census Data System (formerly FFIEC Census Reports) provides census data for Metropolitan and Non-Metropolitan areas, counties, and census tracts.

    The FFIEC Census Information Sheets are summaries of how the census data have changed from previous years and guidance on how to combine the census data with the appropriate year(s) of HMDA and CRA data. (Updated 09/28/2023)

    The FFIEC Census Flat Files are downloadable files that allow you to analyze and create reports using census data that may be combined with the appropriate year(s) of HMDA and CRA data. (Updated 09/28/2023)

    The FFIEC Estimated Median Family Income Report is a list of FFIEC Estimated Median Family Incomes for each MSA and for the non-metropolitan areas of each state. (Updated 03/07/2024)

In addition to the data available from the links above, certain census data are included in the HMDA LAR & TS Raw Data Application. Included with the raw data are Population, Minority Population Percent, MSA Median Family Income, Census Tract MFI to MSA MFI Percent, Number of Owner Occupied Housing Units, and Number of One to Four Family Units.