The Uniform Bank Performance Report (UBPR) is an analytical tool created for bank supervisory, examination, and management purposes. In a concise format, it shows the impact of management decisions and economic conditions on a bank's performance and balance-sheet composition. The performance and composition data contained in the report can be used as an aid in evaluating the adequacy of earnings, liquidity, capital, asset and liability management, and growth management. Bankers and examiners alike can use this report to further their understanding of a bank's financial condition, and through such understanding, perform their duties more effectively.

An online UBPR Userís Guide has been developed to better assist users to understand how UBPR ratios and monetary values are derived. The UBPR Userís Guide is available in an online format, as well as a separate PDF format at the link https://cdr.ffiec.gov/Public/DownloadUBPRUserGuide.aspx.

UBPR Delivery Schedule
The UBPR for a given bank is usually published within a day of the underlying Call Report being filed at the Central Data Repository. If the Call Report for a given bank contains errors then the UBPR may not be published until those errors are corrected. Peer group average data is made available once most banks have filed their call reports and UBPR data has been computed. For all peer groups except 1 and 2 peer group averages are published 30 days after the date of a call report, or on the call report due date. For peer groups 1 and 2 peer group averages are published 35 days after the date of a call report or on the call report due date.

UBPR data is updated continuously. For the current quarter UBPR data is recalculated every night and published the next morning. UBPR data for the current quarter and four consecutive previous quarters is recalculated every Friday night and published the next day. Once a quarter a twenty one period recalculation is performed. That recalculation occurs two weeks before banks begin submitting a new call report and the data is published within 3 days.

To obtain a UBPR for a bank or to view any of the other UBPR statistical reports simply select: UBPR Reports

Use the Report dropdown menu to select one of the following:
Uniform Bank Performance Report*
Peer Group Average Report*
Peer Group Distribution Report*
State Average Report
State Average Distribution Report
List of Banks in Peer Group*
Bank XBRL Instance Document
Custom Peer Group Report
* Supplemental peer groups for insured savings banks are included in these reports.

To download either Bulk UBPR Data or a Taxonomy select from the following link:
Download Bulk UBPR Data or Taxonomy

IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS REGARDING THE UBPR CONTACT: 1-888-CDR-3111 (1-888-237-3111) OR EMAIL cdr.help@ffiec.gov.

Whatís New!

UBPR Reciprocal Brokered Deposits (PDF)

April 13 2018 UBPR Peer Group Changes (PDF)

March 2018 UBPR Changes (PDF)

Beginning in the March 31, 2018 quarter, the tax rate used in the UBPR will be 21%. (PDF)

Beginning December 8, 2017, the UBPR will include certain graphing capabilities.

December 2017 UBPR Visualization Enhancements (PDF)

Beginning March 31, 2017, the UBPR reflects Call Report burden reduction efforts including the new streamlined 051 Call Report.

March 2017 UBPR 051 Changes

March 2017 UBPR Changes

Beginning January 5, 2016, enhancements are being made to certain pages of the UBPR related to adding new line items and addressing consistency issues across the credit pages.

January 2016 UBPR Credit Related Enhancements Timing, January 5, 2016 (PDF)

Beginning March 31, 2015, the UBPR reflects two primary changes as a result of certain changes to the Consolidated Reports of Condition and Income (Call Report) Schedule RC-R that begin to take effect as of March 31, 2015. 1) The addition of many new UBPR line items on existing and newly created UBPR capital pages and 2) UBPR formula changes for existing UBPR line items.

2015 UBPR changes, April 13, 2015 (PDF)

2015 UBPR changes, May 5, 2015 (PDF)

Archived Documents

UBPR Capital Analysis Changes memo, May 2, 2014 (PDF)
UBPR Changes memo, September 24, 2012 (PDF)
UBPR Supplemental Peer Group Memo, September 24, 2012 (PDF)
UBPR Userís Guide Memo, September 24, 2012 (PDF)
Early Thrift Filers Memo, November 15, 2011 (PDF)
Tips for using the online UBPR
Changes in the March 31, 2011 UBPR (PDF)
Changes in the February 5, 2011 UBPR (PDF)
UBPR Modernization, March 25, 2010 (PDF)
Summary of Changes through December 31, 2009 UBPR(PDF)
Summary of Changes to March 31, 2007 UBPR(PDF)
Peer Group Changes for December 31, 2006 UBPR
Banks Reassigned to New Peer Groups (Excel)
Summary of Changes to March 31, 2006 UBPR (PDF)
Changes to UBPR Peer Groups Effective with March 31, 2004 UBPR
FIL-58-2004 - UPBR Availability and Changes
Description of Peer Group Changes in March 31, 2004 UBPR
Analysis of UBPR Peer Group Changes effective March 31, 2004 (Excel)
Changes Effective with the September 30, 2003 UBPR
Custom Peer Function Memo
UBPR Paperless Distribution Update
Changes in the March 31, 2003 UBPR