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This page is intended to provide the most direct link to major changes, additions, deletions, etc., on the FFIEC Web site. Minor changes or routine maintenance items will not normally be listed.

Major changes or additions to the FFIEC Web site for December 2007: (most recent first)

December 28 , 2007

-- Added the September 30, 2007 E16 Country Exposure Statistical Release (PDF) and Country Exposure Information Report (PDF)

December 26 , 2007

-- Posted FIL-116-2007 Reports of Condition and Income for Fourth Quarter 2007(PDF) for FFIEC Form 031 and FFIEC Form 041.

-- Posted December 2007 Quarterly Call Report Supplemental Instructions (PDF) for FFIEC Form 031 and FFIEC Form 041.

December 19 , 2007

-- Updated the FFIEC 101 reporting forms page.

December 12 , 2007

-- Posted an FFIEC Press Release issuing guidance for use by financial institutions in identifying the continuity planning that should be in place to minimize the potential adverse effects of a pandemic. This guidance expands upon the contents of the Interagency Advisory on Influenza Pandemic Preparedness issued in March 2006.


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