Press Releases

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1. February 10, 1994--announcement re FFIEC making available for purchase the census data that is used to prepare HMDA reports for calendar year 1994

2. March 10, 1994--announcement that FFIEC is seeking public comment on proposed changes to the Reports of Condition and Income --F.R. notice attached--disclosure of off- balance-sheet derivatives

3. March 18, 1994--announcement of availability of December 1993 Uniform Bank Performance Report

4. April 5, 1994--announcement of FFIEC Examiner Education office holding three upcoming seminars on fair lending in 1994

5. April 15, 1994--announcement of issuance of an interim revision to December 1991 supervisory policy statement on securities activities ... designed to address questions by new accounting rules for CMOs and GAAP

6. April 28, 1994--announcement of FFIEC appointment of Catherine A. Ghiglieri/TX, James Hansen/NE and Gerald Lewis/FL to the State Liaison Committee

7. May 10, 1994--announcement of newly elected chairman for the State Liaison Committee (SLC) -- Harold N. Lee of Wisconsin

8. May 13, 1994--announcement that FFIEC is seeking public comment on certain implementation issues arising from a new accounting standard on loan impairment under FASB Statement 114

9. June 22, 1994--announcement re the availability of the March 1994 Uniform Bank Performance Report

10. July 26, 1994--announcement that loan data available to public on CD-ROM with order form attached

11. July 28, 1994--announcement re availability of data on 1993 mortgage lending transactions in metropolitan areas. Findings from analysis of nationwide summary statistics for preliminary data/fact sheet were attached

12. August 8, 1994--announcement that the Council is deferring implementation of certain bank regulatory reporting requirements proposed for September '94 call reports---to March '95

13. September 16, 1994--announcement re the availability of the June 1994 Uniform Bank Performance Report

14. October 18, 1994--announcement that the Examination Council will conduct two Risk Management Planning Seminars in 1995..Orlando, FL and Seattle, WA

15. October 26, 1994--announcement that reports of 1993 mortgage lending available for public inspection at central depositories in each MSA -- Home Mortgage Disclosure Act (HMDA) data--

16. November 9, 1994--announcement of new chairman of FDIC -- Ricki R. Tigert -- serving as Council chairman filling the remainder of two-year term previously held by FDIC/Skip Hove

17. November 10, 1994--(revised) announcement re the Task force on Supervision recommending to the agencies changes arising from FAS 115 statement "accounting for certain investments in debt and equity securities"

18. November 18, 1994--announcement re the decision by the Task Force on Supervision re regulatory reporting treatment on allowances under FAS 114 and recommendation pertaining regulatory capital issues for FAS 109

19. December 16, 1994-- announcement re the availability of the September 1994 Uniform Bank performance Report

1994 FDIC FIL CEO Bank Reports

1. (FIL-11-94) February 18, 1994
Revisions to the reports of condition and income (call reports)

2. (FIL-20-94) March 23, 1994
Request for comment on disclosures for certain off-balance- sheet activities

3. (FIL-35-94) May 23, 1994
Request for comment on implementation issues arising from new loan impairment accounting rule

4. (FIL-57-94) August 8, 1994
Clarification of treatment of nonhigh-risk mortgage securities in bank reports of condition and income and thrift financial reports

5. (FIL-69-94) November 1, 1994
Bank report to CEO re revisions to the reports of condition and income (call reports) for 1995