Press Releases

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1. January 5, 1983--announcement that the September 1982 UBPR is ready for distribution and sale to the public

2. January 20, 1983--submission of the attached report to the Treasury on All Savers deposits as of September 30, 1982

3. March 21, 1983--announcement of the election of a new Chairman and Vice Chairman

4. March 30, 1983--submission of the attached report and recommendations to Congress with respect to the Bank Export Services Act (BESA)

5. April 6, 1983--announcement that the December 1982 UBPR is ready for distribution and sale to the public

6. May 2, 1983--appointments to the Council's State Liaison Committee (Michael M. Horn and Hunter O. Wagner)

7. May 10, 1983--decision not to recommend to the Council's agencies that the CRA examination reports and the CRA examination ratings not to be made available to the public upon request

8. June 29, 1983--announcement of the Council's approval of the new Commercial Bank Call Reports--also the Council implemented Section 428 (b) and 429 of the Garn-St Germain Depository Institutions Act of 1982, which deal with the reporting and public disclosure of "insider" loans at commercial and mutual savings banks

9. July 25, 1983--announcement that the March 1983 UBPR is ready for distribution and sale to the public

10. October 11, 1983--announcement that the June 1983 UBPR is now on sale to the public

11. November 3, 1983--approval by the OMB concerning the 1984 call report revisions announced by the FFIEC on June 29, 1983

12. December 21, 1983--announcement that the Council is seeking public comment on proposed new reporting requirements to implement the provisions of the International Lending Supervision Act of 1983