Press Releases

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1. February 12, 1982--announcement that the Council is forwarding to central depositories the Council has established aggregate 1980 data on home mortgage and home improvement lending by banks, savings and loans and credit unions in the SMSA

2. March 5, 1982--announcement of the policies governing public distribution and sale of the Uniform Bank Performance Report (UBPR)

3. May 4, 1982--submission of information to the Treasury indicating that at the end of 1981 All Savers Certificate deposits amounted to $38.9 billion

4. May 27, 1982-- attachments of revised totals for holdings of All Savers Certificate deposits as of December 31, 1981

5. June 9, 1982--request for public comment on a proposed major revision of the Reports of Condition and Income (Call Reports) that federally insured banks are required to submit to federal supervisors

6. July 6, 1982--announcement that the March 1982 Uniform Bank Performance Report is ready for distribution and sale to the public

7. July 26, 1982--announcement of the extension for 30 days the period for public comment on the Council's proposed revision of the Call Reports that commercial banks must make to their supervisors

8. August 3, 1982--submission of the attached report to the Treasury on All Savers deposits as of March 31, 1982

9. August 10, 1982--under Section 340 of the Housing and Community Development Act of 1980 (Public Law 96-399) the Council was directed by Congress to aggregate the information financial institutions would now be required to report to their federal financial regulators under the Act

10. August 24, 1982--announcement to require earlier reporting of several portions of the quarterly Call Report that was previously delayed for one year

11. October 1, 1982--announcement that the June 1982 UBPR is ready for distribution and sale to the public

12. October 7, 1982--announcement of the simplification of the previously announced requirements of the new Supervisory Supplement 1 to the Call Reports

13. October 15, 1982--correction of October 7, 1982 announcement-- it was incorrectly stated that it was proposed to implement new Supervisory Supplements 2 and 3 on March 31, 1982-- correct date is March 31, 1983

14. October 29, 1982--attached are the instructions and forms for Supervisory Supplement 1 to the Report Condition

15. November 2, 1982--submission of the attached report to the Treasury on All Savers deposits as of June 30, 1982

16. December 6, 1982--announcement that the Council has been advised by the OMB of the approval of certain reporting requirements for commercial banks in connection with their filing of the Call Reports

17. December 23, 1982--announcement that the Council has completed the compilation of the 1981 aggregate data on mortgage and home improvement loan originations