Press Releases

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1. March 20, 1979--announcing organization of the FFIEC and newly elected chairman (John G. Heimann)

2. April 11, 1979--announcement of reformation of State Liaison Committee and its members

3. July 19, 1979--adoption of policy statement on supervision of U.S. branches and agencies of foreign banks

4. August 1, 1979--requesting comment on a statement of policy concerning minimum standards for documentation, accounting, and auditing of foreign exchange and money market operations of commercial banks

5. August 7, 1979--announcement of appointment of executive secretary of the Council (Robert J. Lawrence)

6. August 9, 1979--proposal for public comment a report of condition to be required quarterly from U.S. branches and agencies of foreign banks

7. September 7, 1979--announcement of extending comment period and effective date for quarterly reports of condition for U.S. branches and agencies of foreign banks

8. September 25, 1979--announcement of appointment of deputy executive secretary of the Council (David K. Schweitzer)

9. October 5, 1979--proposal that FFIEC's member agencies propose for public comment amendments to their Truth in Lending Enforcement Guidelines

10. October 15, 1979--FRB's announcement of proposals for revisions of Truth in Lending Enforcement Guidelines

11. October 16, 1979--adoption by Council's members of the Policy Statement on Discrimination

12. November 14, 1979--approval of a uniform survey to be made annually by the three Federal bank supervisory agencies to collect information on the assets of bank trust departments and trust companies and on their collective investment funds

13. November 14, 1979--announcement of approval of a recommendation to the FDIC, FRB, and OCC that each agency conduct a special survey of the fiduciary services being provided overseas by domestic commercial banks and bank holding companies

14. November 15, 1979--joint policy statement by FDIC, FRB, and OCC setting fo07/14/2015 11:51 AMercial banks that engage in futures, forward and standby contracts for U.S. government and agency securities

15. November 21, 1979--recommendation of adoption of a uniform rating system for evaluating the soundness of federally supervised banks and thrift institutions and their compliance with the law

16. November 21, 1979--FRB published amendments to the Board's Regulation 0 to implement the reporting requirements of Titles VIII and IX of FIRIRCA

17. November 29, 1979--endorsement of a uniform policy for supervising financial institutions that participate in certain U.S. government guaranteed loan programs

18. December 10, 1979--recommendation to Council's agencies the publication for comment of a policy statement that would prohibit insiders in banks and thrift institutions form profiting personally from sales of life insurance in connection with credit transactions

19. December 14, 1979--announcement by the FHLBB, FDIC, FRB, and NCUA of a series of regulatory moves designed to help the small saver

20. December 14, 1979--policy statement that recommends the Council's agencies adopt concerning disclosure of enforcement actions against financial institutions the agencies supervise

21. December 18, 1979--policy statements that would require examination, supervision and corrective action procedures by the Federal bank supervisors

22. December 27, 1979--announcement of adoption of a report of condition to be required quarterly from U.S. branches and agencies of foreign and Puerto Rican banks