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FR Y-15 Snapshots


The Banking Organization Systemic Risk Report (FR Y-15) snapshots provide data from individual FR Y-15 submissions within a single file. These comma-delimited files include specific item identifiers in the first row which may be linked to individual line items within the report. Each subsequent row of data is associated with the bank identified in the first column, with all dollar values reported in thousands. For additional information on the format and structure of the data files, please see the FR Y-15 Snapshots User Guide.

In certain cases, the information displayed on a bank's individual FR Y-15 report will differ from the data included in the snapshot files. To access the most current information, refer to the individual FR Y-15 submissions.


As-of DateIndicatorsAll Line ItemsOther FormatsReporting FormPosting Date
2016-12-312016 Indicators2016 Line Items2016 PDF/2016 XLSXDecember 20162017-08-01
2015-12-312015 Indicators2015 Line Items2015 PDF/2015 XLSXDecember 20152016-08-01
2014-12-312014 Indicators2014 Line Items2014 PDF/2014 XLSXDecember 20142015-08-03
2013-12-312013 Indicators2013 Line Items2013 PDF/2013 XLSXDecember 20132014-08-01
2012-12-312012 Indicators2012 Line Items-/-December 20122013-08-01

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