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Understanding the Organization Hierarchy Selection and Report Generation Page

The Organization Hierarchy Report displays the ownership relationships of an institution.

From the Institution Search screen you selected an institution and from the results screen, you clicked on a name which took you to the institutions profile. While in the profile screen you selected Organization Hierarchy from the menu bar.

You want to generate a Standard Organizational Hierarchy report or Organizational Hierarchy Identifying HMDA Respondents. The following selection options are displayed in the screen:

  1. Starting Point - No action necessary
    The name of the selected report and pre selected radio button is displayed

  2. Institution Type - (Default is ALL)
    Includes all institution types in the dropdown list OR you may select one or more Institution Types from the dropdown list;
    • Commercial Bank
    • Cooperative Bank
    • Credit Union
    • Edge/Agreement Corporation
    • Financial Holding Company
    • Holding Company
    • Industrial Bank
    • Insurance Co. Broker/Agent/Underwriter
    • Non depository Trust Company
    • Other Company
    • Savings Bank
    • Savings & Loan Association
    • Securities Broker/Dealer/Underwriter
  3. Organization As Of Date (default is the current day's date)
    If the institution is closed, the last date the institution was open is displayed. The date must be entered in MM/DD/YYYY format. Ownership relationships are determined base on the as of date forward.
  4. Report Format (default HTML)
    You may select either a PDF or HTML report format. Acrobat Reader is launched to display any PDF report. For Adobe Reader specifications, please see the Report System Requirements. The PDF version of the report will be automatically generated if a report yields more than 200 institutions.

    The report will display 20 institutions at one time. If a report has more than 20 institutions; use the page navigation search tool (previous/next or select a page number from the drop down box) at the top of the page to view the addition institutions.

  5. HMDA Respondents Reports
    HMDA data are reported annually. Two years of data are available at any given time.

The organization date defaults to the most current as-of-year end available. When selecting the HMDA report you may also select an Organization As-of-Date.

Click Submit to create the report.

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