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About the Branch Locator

The Branch Locator is accessible from the Institution Profile Page only and from there you will be able to search for Branches of Domestic Banks. An institution that is a Head Office typically has branches. To access the Institution's Profile page you must first use the Institution Search to search for a bank. The name of each Head Office is a hyperlink. Click on the Head Office name which will take you to the Institution's Profile page. There you will find additional menu buttons displayed at the top of the page. One of those buttons is labeled Branch Locator. Only the Name, RSSD ID, and Location of these branches are provided.

When the Branch Locator button is selected, a search screen will be returned with the name of the selected institution displayed on the screen. More search options are described below under How to Search for Branches of Domestic Banks.

The National Information Center (NIC) does not provide information for the branches of thrifts (savings banks, savings and loan associations, etc.) or credit unions.

How to Search for Branches of Domestic Banks

Institution Name (Automatically Provided)

Entering the Institution's Name is not an option. The name is automatically provided based on the selection from the Institution Profile page.

City (Optional)

The city name must be spelled correctly. For example, if "SAINT LOUIS" is entered, you will receive only institutions where the city name is "SAINT LOUIS". You will not receive institutions where the city name is "ST LOUIS" or "ST. LOUIS".

State (Optional)

If no state is specified, the default option is “ANYWHERE IN U.S./TERRITORIES”. If a country other than the United States is selected, the state selection options will be ignored. However, if a "U.S. Territory" is selected from the “State” drop-down box, such as Puerto Rico, “ANY COUNTRY INCLUDING U.S.” must be selected from the “Country” drop-down box. If UNITED STATES is the selected “Country” , the correct results will not be returned.

To select multiple consecutive states or territories do the following:

  1. select a state or territory from the drop-down list
  2. click the mouse over the name of the first selection and use the left hand to hold down the left SHIFT key on the keypad (ex., Alabama)
  3. simultaneously, click on the last selection of state or territory (ex., Arkansas)
  4. all states between and including, Alabama and Arkansas will be highlighted (ex., Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, and Arkansas)
  5. use the mouse to click the submit button
  6. the request will be executed using the highlighted states or territories.

To select multiple non-consecutive states or territories do the following:

  1. click on a state or territory and hold the CTRL key,
  2. simultaneously click on other states or territories,
  3. submit the request.

Country (Optional)

Selecting a country is optional (default is “UNITED STATES”). If one of the U.S. Territories is select rom the State drop-down box, such as Puerto Rico, then “ANY COUNTRY INCLUDING U.S.” must be selected from the “Country” drop-down box or the selected Territory will not be returned. If a country other than the United States is selected here, then selections from the State” drop-down box will be ignored.

Multiple non-consecutive states/territories may be selected by:

  1. clicking on a country and holding the CTRL key,
  2. while simultaneously clicking on other states or territories
  3. Submit the request upon entering the search screen without making further selections, OR
  4. Submit the request after selections have been completed.

Results Screen

    A list of one or more branches will be returned in the results screen. The Name, RSSD ID, and Location of all branches, belonging to the selected institution, are displayed as a report in HTML format or PDF format. If no branches are found the following message will be returned to the screen "No branch(es) were found for the selected search criteria. Please alter your search criteria or select a different head office".

    RSSD ID is a unique identifier assigned to all institutions by the Federal Reserve (FRB).

    Report Format

    You may select to have the report displayed in HTML format or in PDF format. However, if over the search yields more than 200 branches, the report will be automatically display in PDF by default.

    Note: If the screen is idle for over 20 minutes, the session will end. You must refresh the search form in the internet browser and re-enter your data.

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