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Understanding the Holding Companies > $10 Billion list

    These are holding companies with the consolidated total assets greater than $10 billion.

    Column Headings are displayed on the search screen from left to right:

      1. Rank --- Ranked in ascending order based on total asset size with the largest asset HC listed first. Position in the list is determined by the consolidated total asset amount reported for the quarter.
      2. Institution Name and RSSD ID --- Name and unique identifier assigned to each institution by the Federal Reserve.
      3. Location --- The physical city and state of the HC.
      4. Total Assets --- The dollar value of the HC's consolidated total assets displayed in thousands of dollars. The current quarter reporting date is also provided in the column heading.

Financial data are received on a flow basis, which means the financial data may not be available for all of the institutions at the same time. Institutions will appear in the list once the consolidated total asset amount is reported and exceeds the $10 billion threshold.

The Institution Name in the list is a hyperlink to the institution's profile. Click on an Institution Name and the user will be taken to the Institution Profile page.

The Institution Profile page displays the Name, Address, Institution Type, Primary Federal Regulator, RSSD ID (Id number assigned by the Federal Reserve), and the main activity of the institution.

Additionally, the user can choose a date (current to historical) from the available types of financial reports submitted by the institution: BHCPR, Y9C, Y9LP, Y15, or 2320.

From the Institution Profile page, there are links above the Institution's name to access the Organizational Hierarchy, Institution History, and Institutions Acquired reports. Each of these links have their own Help page.



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