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Retrieving a Disclosure Report as a PDF, Excel or Text File

In order to successfully view your report in PDF or Excel format, you need to have Adobe Acrobat or Microsoft Excel, respectively.

1) Decide how you will search for your institution by choosing from the following three search criteria: Bank Name, Home Office Location or Location Where Loans Are Made. For each search criteria you also have the option of filtering your search by Agency, Institution Name and Respondent ID. You also have the option of sorting your search results in ascending or descending order and by either Institution Name or RID/Agency Code.

2) Enter in the appropriate determining information for whichever criteria you have chosen into the search details portion of the Institution Search Screen.

3) Highlight the name of the selected institution from the list provided. The institution will be listed under the name reported on its Transmittal Sheet. If there are several institutions with similar names, you can pinpoint the institution you are searching for by looking at the Respondent ID - Agency number located to the left of the institution name. 

4) Click on the "Select Institution" button.

5) Choose an MSA/MD by clicking on the desired MSA/MD.

**Note** Tables S1, S2, R1 (listed under MSA/MD of "99999") and A1W, A2W, A3W, A4W and BW (listed under MSA/MD of "00000") are institution level reports and will contain the same information regardless of which MSA/MD number is chosen.

6) Click one of the following buttons to view a single table in PDF or Excel format, all tables in PDF format, or a Text File of all tables for the MSA/MD. Depending on your selection, follow the steps for the appropriate button.

**Note** If your institution has offices located in more than one MSA/MD, or you have taken applications on property located outside of an MSA/MD where you have a home or branch office, you will have to retrieve and print each set of tables separately for each MSA/MD or area outside of an MSA/MD to retrieve entire data for a selected institution.

  • To view a single table by an MSA/MD: Click on the desired table then click the �Retrieve Report� button.
  • You will be taken to the Disclosure table list to select the specific table; click on the respective table name from the list. Next, select the desired file format of either PDF or Excel by clicking on the respective radio button. Then click on the "Retrieve Report" button. You will be taken to the selected table displayed in either PDF or Excel per your choice.

  • To view all tables for an MSA/MD: Click the �Select All Tables for MSA/MD� button.
  • A window will appear displaying all tables in PDF format.

  • To view all tables for an MSA/MD as a text file: Click the �Select All Tables for MSA/MD � Text File� button.
  • The �File Download� dialog box appears that prompts you to open or save the file. If you click the �Open� button, you will be taken to the Report screen with all the tables displayed in text format.

Regulatory Disclosure Requirements

To satisfy regulatory disclosure requirements, choose �Select All Tables for MSA/MD� and print the tables from each MSA/MD.

Specific regulatory disclosure requirements are available in the HMDA Guide on page 26.