HMDA Data Processing Timeline

Note: All dates listed below are subject to change.
* Mid-January: Collection and processing of HMDA data for the preceding calendar year begins.

* March 1: You must submit initial HMDA data for your institution to the processing agency specified by your supervisory agency no later than March 1 following the calendar year for which the data are compiled. The Federal Reserve Board in Washington, DC serves as the processing agency for CFPB-, FDIC-, FRS-, NCUA-, OCC-, and HUD-supervised institutions. Data that you send to the Federal Reserve Board is considered late if the postmark on the package or the e-mail submission is after March 1st. (Note that if March 1st falls on the weekend, the due date moves to the first Monday.)

* Late March/Early April: End-of-cycle reports -- Reports that identify possible reporting errors on quality edits Q002-Q024, Q067-Q068 and Q030 -- are generated. Institutions that fail the quality edit tests are contacted via phone, e-mail or fax to resolve quality edit issues. (The HMDA reporting process for each institution with outstanding quality edit issues is not complete until all edits have been verified and/or resolved by HMDA processing staff.) Inquiries resulting from the assessment process require immediate attention and response.

* Last Wednesday in April: The HMDA production processing system is closed for check-out by HMDA Operations staff. Reports are generated for Board staff to complete the final data quality assessment. All resubmissions after this date will be processed when the production system reopens for processing in June/July, however, they will not post to the FFIEC HMDA website in September.

* Early to Mid-June: After Board staff are satisfied with the data quality, the public aggregate and disclosure reports will be created and tested.

* Early to Mid-September: Press release announces to the public the availability of HMDA data for a particular calendar year (CY) at the financial institutions covered by HMDA in metropolitan statistical areas throughout the nation. The aggregate and disclosure reports and national aggregate reports are available only on the FFIEC HMDA website.

* December/January: The latest version of the free HMDA data entry software is released on the FFIEC HMDA website. The free software is available by download only.