Use information and data from the preceding December 31 date when determining whether you meet the reporting criteria. The following questions for a nondepository institution should be answered to determine if you should report CY 2016 HMDA data in 2017.

  1. Is the nondepository institution a for-profit lender?
  2. In the preceding calendar year, did the institution's home purchase loan originations (including refinancings of home purchase loans) equal or exceed 10 percent of its total loan originations, measured in dollars, or equal $25 million or more?
  3. Did the institution either: (a) have a home or branch office in an MSA/MD on the preceding December 31, or (b) receive applications for, originate, or purchase five or more home purchase loans, home improvement loans, or refinancings on property located in an MSA/MD in the preceding calendar year?
  4. Did the nondepository institution either: (a) have assets (when combined with the assets of any parent corporation) exceeding $10 million on the preceding December 31, or (b) originate 100 or more home purchase loans (including refinancings of home purchase loans) in the preceding calendar year?

If a nondepository institution responds 'YES' to question 1 above and 'YES' to at least one question in 2, and one question in 3, and one question in 4, then HMDA applies to the institution's loan originations, purchases, and applications in the current calendar year. A negative response to question 1, or to all the questions in 2, 3, or 4 exempts the institution from filing HMDA data for the current calendar year.

For nondepository institutions, a branch office is any office of the institution that takes applications from the public for home purchase or home improvement loans. It does not include offices of affiliates or other third parties such as loan brokers.