2004 Metropolitan Statistical Areas And Metropolitan Divisions

OMB Bulletin No. 03-04 identified and released new 5-digit Metropolitan Statistical Areas and Metropolitan Divisions effective June 2003 (page 22) and included further updates in February 2004 that were effective December 2003.

The updates from the December 2003 document that affect your 2004 HMDA reporting are summarized as follows:

• Florence, AL Metropolitan Statistical Area (code 22460) was changed to Florence-Muscle Shoals, AL Metropolitan Statistical Area (code 22520); Colbert and Lauderdale Counties are in MSA 22520.

• Suffolk County-Nassau County, NY Metropolitan Division (code 44844) was changed to Nassau-Suffolk, NY Metropolitan Division (code 35004); Nassau and Suffolk Counties are in Metropolitan Division 35004.

• Bristol, VA Metropolitan Statistical Area (code 14980) was deleted and its component entities (Bristol city, VA and Washington County, VA) were added to Kingsport-Bristol-Bristol, TN-VA Metropolitan Statistical Area (code 28700); Washington County and Bristol city are in MSA 28700.