A Guide To HMDA Reporting: Getting It Right!

* 2004 A Guide To HMDA Reporting PDF File

      The 2004 edition was updated with the following:

  • Florence, AL Metropolitan Statistical Area (code 22460) was changed to Florence-Muscle Shoals, AL Metropolitan Statistical Area (code 22520); see metropolitan statistical area changes to Colbert and Lauderdale Counties on page F-1.
  • Suffolk County-Nassau County, NY Metropolitan Division (code 44844) was changed to Nassau-Suffolk, NY Metropolitan Division (code 35004); see metropolitan division changes to Nassau and Suffolk Counties on page F-19.
  • Bristol, VA Metropolitan Statistical Area (code 14980) was deleted and its component entities (Bristol city, VA and Washington County, VA) were added to Kingsport-Bristol-Bristol, TN-VA Metropolitan Statistical Area (code 28700); see metropolitan statistical area changes to Washington County and Bristol city on page F-29.
  • The "Foreward" was updated to reflect that certain HMDA data also are available from the FFIEC, by accessing the FFIEC Internet site, www.ffiec.gov/hmda, by sending an e-mail to hmdahelp@frb.gov, or by calling the Board's HMDA Assistance Line, (202) 452 - 2016; see the last sentence of the 5th paragraph on page v.
  • The OMB number for HUD was updated on the Transmittal Sheet form from "2502-0529" to "2502-0539"; see page A-12.
  • A more legible sample of the Loan/Application Register form was placed on page A-13.

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