HMDA Data Entry Software 2008

How do I install the HMDA Data Entry Software for 2008 data?

1. The software should be installed locally on a hard disk; it is NOT network compatible.
2. Close all programs running in Windows.
3. Locate the directory which contains the CRA DES 2008 setup.exe or HMDA DES 2008 setup.exe executable file.
4. Double click on the .exe file to launch the wizard which will guide you through the installation.

The HMDA Data Entry Software will also install necessary software needed to run the program. This may require a reboot of the system. Most likely this will occur with Windows 2000 users. After rebooting the system, the user will need to rerun the setup file.

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Does the HMDA Data Entry Software 2008 work on a network?

The HMDA Data Entry Software is not designed to run on a network. However, the standalone application allows the user to keep a backup copy of their data on a network drive. Users who wish to keep a backup copy of their data should select 'HMDA Configuration Options' under the 'Utilities' drop down menu. The user should select the 'Files/Directories' tab and then choose the network path for the Autoback directory. Note: The user will need to have read/write access to the network share folder designated for autobackup.

When multiple users need access to HMDA software, each user should download and install a local copy of the application. Users can later merge data onto only one PC through the export/import options; see help 'Exporting for Other Purposes' and 'Importing from External File' for more detail.

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I get the following error when I try to run setup.exe: “HMDA DES 2008 setup.exe is not a valid Win32 application”.  What should I do?

Sometimes antivirus software and/or firewalls can prevent the setup.exe file from downloading correctly.  If you are receiving this error, make sure that other software applications are not interfering with the download.

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I am running the HMDA Data Entry Software for the first time. What do I do now?

You have two choices when you are starting the program.  You can either import a .dat file that already exists (from another program) or you can begin a new submission.  To import a .dat file, choose ‘Import DAT’.  To create a new submission, choose ‘ADD’.  The next time you enter the program, your submission will be listed in the submission window and all you will need to do is ‘OPEN’ that submission.

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How do I carry over my 2004-2007 HMDA data?

The 2008 version of the HMDA Data Entry software was completely rewritten and is not compatible with previous years data.

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