HMDA respondents are encouraged to send their data using the preferred export method: Submission via Web. It is the most secure and efficient method. It offers a ONE-step submission process which provides confirmation that the HMDA file was received successfully at the Board.

If you choose to submit/resubmit your HMDA report via Internet e-mail, e-mail a properly encrypted HMDA file (using only the FFIEC HMDA software's Internet e-mail export feature) to the below e-mail address:

[email protected]

Another export option for submitting/resubmitting HMDA data is 'To Regulatory Agency via Postal Service' for diskette/CD-ROMs. Please overnight your diskette/CD-ROM to the following address:

Federal Reserve Board
Attention: HMDA Processing, HUD
20th and Constitution Avenue, NW
MS N402
Washington, DC 20551-0001

If you have additional questions on submitting/resubmitting HMDA data, please Contact Us.