What's Not Changing?

While there were many changes to the distribution of the UBPR, several important aspects did not change, as described below.

  • Documentation about the UBPR such as the UBPR Users Guide is still produced by the UBPR Coordinator (www.ffiec.gov/staff.htm) and members of the Task Force on Surveillance Systems. This information will continue to be hosted and maintained by the Federal Reserve on the FFIEC web site (http://www.ffiec.gov/ubpr.htm).
  • Users are still be able to retrieve UBPR data via the Internet through a web browser. 
  • State banking agency users continue to receive confidential UBPR data via existing distribution channels at the FFIEC agencies.  They also have access to any public data distribution channels.
  • All current FFIEC agency policies regarding Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests continue to apply for custom data requests received through the public through means other than the PDD.