First Look at UBPR in CDR
Attached are some screen images to provide a first look at the results of the UBPR Modernization effort.  The Uniform Bank Performance Report (UBPR) will be available on the Central Data Repository (CDR) Public Data Distribution site ( in March 2010.

(Please click the images to enlarge)

1. Enter the Public Data Distribution (PDD) website:

2. To gain access to UBPR reports, the user must click “View or Download Data for Individual Institutions”. Clicking that link will direct the user to the following page:

3. Select the report type, then enter the search criteria and click “Search”.

4. Select the report format and date(s), then click “Generate Report”. The UBPR then populates in a pop-up window. Once the UBPR is populated, you can browse through the report by clicking the links on the left hand side, or you can print or download the report by following the instructions given at the top of the page. Some sample pages are shown below.

A brief description of each type of UBPR report can be found on the FFIEC website -

Cover Page and Table of Contents

Balance Sheet

Derivative Instruments

Additional sample views of other UBPR reports within the CDR system are provided below. These reports can be accessed by selecting the various reports from the selection criteria (see step 2). Once the reports are populated, they can be navigated just as described for the individual report in step 4 above.

Peer Group Average Report: Summary Ratios for all banks in nation

State Average Report: Balance Sheet for all insured commercial banks in Virginia

This short tutorial illustrates how a user can access individual reports. However a user will also be able to download bulk UBPR data and UBPR taxonomies by selecting those links on the main PDD web page. XBRL reports will be available by selecting that report type in the search criteria (see step 2).