FFIEC Call Report Modernization Project - CDR Interchange Specification Version 1.02

Revision History

Date Version Description Author
13-Jan-2004 0.01 Initial draft George Cross, IV
Bryce Pippert
Mark Montoya
Sunil Matte
23-Jan-2004 0.02 Updates:

  • Improved overall formatting
  • Reorganized the first section
  • Instance document specification
  • Corrections in rules and examples

  • Call Concepts Schema
  • Columns section under presentation linkbase
  • Section on different kind of edits
  • Formula grammar
Sunil Matte
Mark Montoya
Govind Sharma
06-Feb-2004 0.03 Updates:

  • Corrections to the content in general
  • Rephrase text to use ‘MUST’ and ‘MAY’
  • Examples to improve consistency with sample taxonomies
  • Naming convention in taxonomies and linkbases.

  • Examples for edit explanation codes and explanation text
  • New example for formula Messages linkbase
Sunil Matte
Mark Montoya
01-Mar-2004 0.04 Updates:
  • Figure 1 to include formula description linkbase.
  • Examples using the 03’ September 041 taxonomy.
  • Clarification on contents of definition linkbase.
  • Clarification on difference between validity edits in calculation and formula linkbases.
  • Clarification on how to process edits in formula linkbase.
  • Edit messages linkbase with two kinds of messages.
  • CRI rule 14.
  • Moved ‘link’ namespace declaration to the root element (XBRL) of the instance document.
  • Examples in the Instance document specification.
  • Section 4 with complete list of files.
  • Formula description linkbase.
  • CRI rule 11.
  • Examples for reference linkbase showing multiple reference parts for a concept.
Sunil Matte
Mark Montoya
08-Mar-2004 0.05 Updates:
  • Namespace prefix CRI rule 3
  • Rule 9
  • Deleted CRI rule that states ‘NULL concepts MUST not be included in CRI’.
  • Guidelines on ‘concepts to be reported in a CRI’
  • Guidelines on ‘reporting monetary concepts in a CRI’
Govind Sharma
Sunil Matte
12-Mar-2004 0.06 Updates:
  • CRI Rules 9 and 10
  • Section 3.2
Govind Sharma
Sunil Matte
14-Jun-2004 0.07 Additions:
  • xbrli Namespace declaration
  • ffieci Namespace declaration
  • unit element in CRI for non monetary items
  • Negative item handling
  • CRI rule 16 for Boolean concept values

  • CRI rule 8
  • CRI Rule 10
  • Figure 1 – deleted formula description linkbase
  • Formula description linkbase is no longer provided
  • Formula messages linkbase content
Mark Montoya
Sunil Matte
Govind Sharma
21-Jun-2004 0.08 Updates:
  • Enumeration syntax for explanation codes
  • Concepts Schema and filename modified
  • Presentation linkbase line extended links
  • CRI context definition for concepts measured over a period of time
  • Formula Grammar
  • Figure 1 to include reportability rules taxonomy
  • Reportability rules
Mark Montoya
Sunil Matte
Govind Sharma
22-Jul-2004 0.09 Updates:
  • Corrected arc roles in examples for formula Messages section 2.12
  • Corrected examples to use the correct case for concept names.
  • Corrected Start Date in the context element for concepts that have a periodType attribute of ‘duration’.
  • Corrected examples in section 2.11.
  • Corrected examples in section 2.9.2.
  • Corrected Arc type in reportability definition linkbase.
  • Clarification for case of concept names in section 2.2
  • Clarification on relationship between concept data types and unit measures.
  • Clarification of context naming convention.
  • Clarification of guidelines for reporting concepts.
  • Clarification on content of calculation and formula linkbase.
  • Clarification of reportability rules taxonomy design.
  • Removed the union & percentage operators from formula grammar
  • Removed ‘True’ and ‘False’ from logical functions section under formula grammar.
  • Updated Call Report schema namespace.
  • Updated CRI rule 3 to reflect Call Report schema namespace change.
  • Updated CRI rule 13 to restrict instance submission.
  • Removed PreferredLabel section.
  • Updated section on presentation linkbase.
  • Examples for formula grammar.
  • Logical Function ExistingOf.
  • Schema and linkbases naming convention.
Govind Sharma
Mark Montoya
Sunil Matte
Jon Wisnieski
22-Sep-2004 1.0 Updates:

  • Message Template syntax
  • Removed ‘totalLineCaption’ from section 2.5
  • Validity edit for negative items
  • ‘&’ operator to Formula grammar
  • Vendor ID for CRI
  • Report type for CRI
  • Appendix B – Vendor list
  • ExistsNonEmpty function
Govind Sharma
Mark Montoya
Sunil Matte
01-Jan-2005 1.1 Updates:
  • Report Type
Govind Sharma
Mark Montoya
Sunil Matte
15-May-2005 1.2 Updates:
  • Changed XML schema namespace from “w3c” to “w3”
  • Add “www” to ‘ffieci’ namespace
  • Removed “/” from ‘ffieci’ namespace
  • Changed “Concepts” to lower case “concepts”
  • Nillable note
  • ‘xsi:nil’  attribute
  • CDR supported functions
Mark Montoya
Sunil Matte
Cinu Philip

Note: This document - "CDR Interchange Specification" and other associated documents and sample taxonomies are versioned documents. Please ensure that you have the latest version of this document.

The latest version of these documents can be found on the following website:

In case of any questions about the latest specifications, please contact:

Eboni Scott (email: escott@fdic.gov)

Please review the accompanying sample taxonomies that demonstrate the use of various aspects specified in this document.

Current versions of the FFIEC generated taxonomies do not use all aspects of the specification. These sections are for the purpose of future use. Any anticipated near-term use of these sections would be communicated to all parties involved by appropriate means including updating this section of the document.

Following is the information about currently unused aspects:

  • The following list of reference operators are not required in the current taxonomies and are therefore not being used:
    • Named relative context resource
    • Relative period offset expressions
      • [P1Y] Forward one year
      • [-P1M] Back one Month
      • [-P1D] Back one Day/li>
      • [-P1Y/-01-01] First Month First Day
      • [-P1Y/-01] First Month Current Day

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