Reportability Concepts

Reportability edits are used to flag data items that should have been reported but were not. For example, all banks are expected to provide a value (positive number, negative number or zero) for the provision for loan and lease losses and failure to provide a value for this data item will cause an edit flag. The CDR will require banks to provide data for all data items flagged by reportability edits before it will accept the Call Report data. These edits use the Reportability Concept values in the table below to determine all the Call Reports data items each bank is required to complete.

Values for these concepts will be calculated at each quarter-end from the Federal Reserve Board structure database and from previously reported Call Report information. Please review this information for accuracy as incorrect information may affect the ability of the CDR to accept your bank's Call Report data. Please contact your analyst with any questions about these data items or their values.

This list can be found in the Guidelines for Resolving Edits.