Submitting CRA Data

*All institutions subject to data reporting requirements must report the data for a calendar year (CY) by March 1 of the subsequent year. For example, data for CY 2015 should be reported by March 1, 2016.

* The Federal Reserve Board is handling the processing of the reports for all the primary regulators. Data may be submitted on diskette, CD-ROM, or via Internet e-mail.

CRA respondents are encouraged to use the free FFIEC Data Entry Software to send their CRA data. “Submission via Web” is the preferred option. CRA respondents may also send a properly encrypted CRA file (using the “Export to Federal Reserve Board via Internet e-mail” option) to CRASUB@FRB.GOV.

Please mail diskette or CD-ROM submissions to:

Federal Reserve Board
Attention: CRA Processing
20th & Constitution Avenue, NW
MS N402
Washington, DC 20551-0001

If you have additional questions on submitting/resubmitting CRA data, please Contact Us.