Internet Email Submissions

E-mail Format Requirements, Step-by-Step Instructions

E-mail Format Requirements

CRA data submissions can now be transmitted over the Internet to the Federal Reserve Board. Institutions interested in submitting their data over the Internet must obtain a copy of the FFIEC's CRA Internet Submission software (part of the FFIEC CRA Data Entry package). This software will prepare your submission for transmission over the Internet. All submissions must be prepared using this software to ensure the privacy of your data. Only submissions prepared using the FFIEC's software will be accepted. Use of any other product will result in the creation of a submission that is NOT acceptable to the Federal Reserve Board.

Step-by-Step Instructions

Follow the steps listed below to prepare the file for transmission to the Federal Reserve Board.


From the CRA Data Entry Software, choose the "To Regulatory Agency via Internet E-mail" export option. The software will automatically prepare your submission file for transmission. A file named CRAENCR.ENC will be created. This is the file that should be submitted to your regulatory agency. Go to Step 4. (This option can only be used if you are using the CRA Data Entry Software to store your data.)

From the CRA Program Group, double click on the CRA Internet Submission icon (this program group is created upon installation of the CRA software). A warning message will appear to inform you that this software does not connect to the Internet. Click "OK" to continue and the CRA Internet Submission window will appear. Go to Step 2.


The default target file name CRA.DAT will be displayed in the CRA input file name field. You may use the default file name, type in your own file name, or click "Browse" to search for a directory.

NOTE: If you are not using the FFIEC CRA Software to collect and create your data file, you must follow the FFIEC file specifications to be sure your file is in the correct format.


Click "Begin Process" to start the process to prepare your file for transmission. Once the process is completed, a new file named CRAENCR.ENC is created. This is the file that should be submitted to the Federal Reserve Board.


Once your submission file has been prepared, the CRA Internet Submission window will appear letting you know that the process was successful. Information regarding the submission file will be included on this window to assist in your effort to attach the submission file to your Internet e-mail message. It is recommended that you print this window in order to assign the correct file name and Internet e-mail address to your CRA submission.

From the CRA Data Entry Software, click 'Close' to return to the CRA Data Entry Front Page.

From the CRA Program Group, click 'Close' to return to the main screen of the Internet Submission software.


Exit the CRA software and access your electronic mail provider. Prepare a message addressed to the Federal Reserve Board's Internet Address


Attach the encrypted submission file (CRAENCR.ENC). (For information regarding how to prepare a message or attach a file, see your electronic mail users guide). To properly label your submission, please include the following information in the message:

Respondent Identification Number
Agency Code
Institution Name
Contact Name and Phone Number

Once the labeled message is prepared, the file attached, and bank information included, send the message. Upon receipt of your submission, a reply message will be forwarded to inform you that your submission was received.

NOTE: The Federal Reserve Board is not responsible for data submissions that are not received. Transmissions through the Internet are susceptible to interference that may cause a message to be lost. Therefore, if you do not receive a reply within 48 hours, please resend the file.

If you have followed these instructions and have further questions about sending your data via Internet e-mail, please Contact Us.