CRA Data Entry Software FAQs

Can any year's CRA software be used to prepare and export several different years of CRA data?

Beginning with the 2008 CRA Data Entry Software (DES) release, the DES is specific to only one collection year. In addition, the software root directory includes the century/year (CCYY) in that part of the path where the CRA encrypted file is saved; thus, for the 2018 CRA Data Entry Software, the DES root directory in the path will be CRA Data Entry Software 2018. The full path for the saved 2018 CRA encrypted file will be:

C:\CRA Data Entry Software 2018\CRASubmission\CRID_Agency_Year.ENC

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From where can I download the FFIEC CRA Data Entry Software?

Download the most recent version of the software from the FFIEC CRA website.

The FFIEC CRA Data Entry Software is NOT network compatible, and the FFIEC does not support installation to a network. The software should be installed locally on a hard disk, (i.e. C:drive).

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How do I import data into the FFIEC CRA Data Entry Software?

Select 'Import' from the Front Page. Choose the 'Import' option and click 'Ok'.

Select the target file where the import file is located. If necessary, locate the file by choosing the 'Browse' button. Also select the record types that you wish to import. If you wish to import all record types, don’t change the default selection “ALL Record Types Selected.” However, if you want to import just one or several types of records (Assessment Area, for example) you should click on “Select” and choose those record types.

Click 'Begin'. A warning will appear with information regarding the length of time it will take to import the data. Click 'Ok'.

A box will appear asking the question, "A submission for RID-Agency-Year does not exist. Would you like to continue?" Choose the appropriate option. A box will appear indicating the number of records imported.

Verify this information and click 'Ok', which returns you to the Front Page.

A 'Batch Edit', located on the Front Page, should be performed after each import.

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How do I ensure a validity error-free CRA submission with the 'Batch Edit' function?

To ensure a validity error-free submission, select 'Batch Edit' from the Front Page. A description of the Batch Edit will appear, click 'Begin'.

The Batch Edit will be performed and you will receive the edit status for each record type upon completion. If your submission contains errors, you must print an 'Error Report' from the Front Page and correct those errors prior to submitting your data. Repeat the Batch Edit after you have corrected your data.

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What is Submission via Web?

Submission via Web, an exclusive export feature of the FFIEC CRA Data Entry Software (DES), is the most secure and efficient method to submit your institution's CRA data file to the Federal Reserve Board. Submission via Web offers a single-step submission process which provides confirmation that the CRA file was received successfully at the Board. We encourage all institutions to download the appropriate year's CRA DES to take full advantage of this preferred submission method.

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How do I export CRA data from the FFIEC CRA Data Entry Software using Submission via Web?

After successful installation of the software, open the software. Initial access into the software will require a validity-free Transmittal Sheet to be completed in its entirety, or the successful import of an existing .DAT file.

Following the completion of the submission, perform a Batch Edit prior to submitting the data. If errors are detected, print an Error Report to identify the records in error and correct the erroneous data. CRA data containing errors cannot be submitted to your regulatory agency using Submission via Web.

Click Export from the CRA Front Page and review the Submission Checklist and choose Continue with Export.

Select Submission via Web on the Export options window and click OK to continue the Submission via Web

Review the Submission via Web notification and choose Continue.

Click the Begin button to start the submission process. If you choose to begin the export, a question will appear to verify if you are ready to transmit your submission to your regulatory agency. Choose Yes if you are ready to transmit your CRA data, click Continue to continue the export process.

The CRA Data Entry Software will report the progress of the transmission. At the successful completion of the data transmission, the user will receive a 'Transmission Successful' message. This message will contain pertinent submission information and should be printed for future reference. Click Print to print the notification.


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When I export the CRA data, does a copy still exist in the FFIEC CRA Data Entry Software?

Yes, data are maintained within the software even when exports are performed.

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Is there a way to backup the data file to a disk using the CRA Data Entry Software and then move the data file to another computer?

Yes, there are two ways to do this.

The first way is to export the data from the old machine, and import that data into the software on the new machine.

To do this, install the software on the new computer.

Return to the old computer and select 'Export' from the Front Page. Beginning in 2008 and forward, select the export option "For Other Purpose". For years prior to 2008, select the export option "To Regulatory Agency via Diskette". Make sure you have a diskette in the appropriate drive.

After successfully exporting the data, import the data into the CRA Data Entry Software on the new computer by selecting 'Import' from the Front Page and then following the prompts.

The second way to transfer the data is done by copying the database files from the Data folder on the old computer, and then placing those files in the Data folder on the new computer. The Data folder is accessible at the following path:

C:\CRA Data Entry Software 2018\Data

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What happens if the computer on which the CRA Data Entry Software is installed crashes? Can information keyed up to the crash be retrieved or are there backup procedures that we should implement?

You should ALWAYS backup your data file by saving it to your network drive or a disk. If your hard drive crashes, you can always download another copy of the software and import the saved data file into the program.

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If I download and install a new release of the FFIEC CRA Data Entry software for any given year, will that override or wipe out any data/loans that have already been inputted and saved?

No. Downloading and installing a new release of the FFIEC CRA Data Entry software will not delete, erase, or override any data that your institution may have previously inputted and saved to a previous release of the software. In addition, it is not necessary to uninstall the current release of the FFIEC CRA Data Entry Software prior to downloading the updated one. The new release will capture any data that you previously entered in a previous release. However, institutions should always use the “Export for Other Purposes” option in the FFIEC CRA Data Entry Software to create a backup copy of the data, and save it to a network drive or any accessible location. When a new release of the FFIEC CRA software is made available, users who downloaded a previous release of the software for any reporting year should also download the new release for the current year of reporting.

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