Census Data Products

The FFIEC publishes various nationwide census data that are used as input to HMDA/CRA reporting, processing and analysis, and to verify HMDA/CRA property location information. The census data products are listed below and further descriptive information is provided at each product link. Census data generally become available in the second quarter of the current year. Data through calendar year 2013 are now available. The products for years 1990 - 2012 are available from a couple different sources; the source depends on the year of interest (see more details in product links below).

Beginning with calendar year 2012, Census Reports are based on 2006-2010 5-year estimate American Community Survey data. The list of MSAs, states, counties, tracts, MSA family incomes, tract family incomes, tract income levels, and income percentages generated using 2006-2010 ACS data is available on the FFIEC website. Census products used for CRA and HMDA data reporting and analysis purposes from 2003-2011 based on the U. S. Census Bureauís 2000 census data; products for years previous to 2003 are based on the 1990 Census information. When reporting CRA and HMDA data, it is critical that you use the correct census tract information. Using incorrect tract numbers will result in invalid data submissions when you file your annual CRA and/or HMDA reports.

If you rely on outside vendors to identify the tract location of your institution's loans (the geocoding process), please verify that they are using the correct census information. The accuracy of your annual CRA and HMDA submissions, including the use of correct geocoding information, is your responsibility.