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Census Windows Application (formerly Census CD-Rom)

Starting with 2007, the Census CD-ROM application (henceforth known as Census Windows Application), will be available free of charge via download. If downloading of the 2018 Census Windows Application is not feasible (e.g., PC without Internet connectivity), please fill out the data order form and fax it to 202-452-6497.

The FFIEC updates the Census Windows Application annually to reflect changes to MSA/MD boundaries and income estimates. In addition to including a database that individuals can use to analyze the data, this software includes the ability to subset the data by state, MSA/MD, or county and then view, print, and/or export the data.

To download the 2018 Census Windows Application, please click on the following link:  https://www.ffiec.gov/censusapp.htm.

Without a high-speed internet connection, it may take several hours to download the Census Windows Application.

This product is another example of the FFIEC's efforts to provide the public with fast, easy, and inexpensive access to information.