What's New?

Major changes or additions to the FFIEC Federal Disclosure Computational Tool for 2021: (most recent first)

June 3, 2021
  • The following functionality has been updated:
    • For all loans, the business logic was removed for the “Actual Days (365/365)” interest accrual option and “Actual Days” payment frequency that prevented a user from entering a date range that resulted in equal months.
    • For all loans, the formula for the number of odd days during a leap year was updated.
    • For all loans, the loan results page will now display the label “Whole Months (360/365)” instead of “Actual Days (360/365)” when the Interest Accrual Type is “Whole Months (360/365).”
    • For single advance/single payment construction loans, the Actual Days Between First and Last Dates field in the calendar dialogue window for the Construction Interest was updated.