Uniform Bank Performance Report (UBPR)


To: All UBPR Users

Date: July 19, 2011

From: David Vallee, UBPR Coordinator

Subject: Tips for Using the Online UBPR

The most current UBPR is available to all users at no charge through the FFIEC Website: https://cdr.ffiec.gov/public/ManageFacsimiles.aspx. Because no password is needed, the website gives user's access to the UBPR for all banks. Included in the report are five years of continuous history, peer group comparisons and rankings. UBPRs may be viewed online, printed and bookmarked for future reference. The website will be the principal source of UBPR information.

The schedule of quarterly UBPR updates is located at http://www.ffiec.gov/ubpr.htm. Note that the UBPR will be available as soon as 20 days after the Call Report date. The UBPR User's Guide is also available online http://www.ffiec.gov/ubprguide.htm.

Suggestions for accessing the UBPR at www.ffiec.gov:

1. Select the online UBPR at https://cdr.ffiec.gov/public/ManageFacsimiles.aspx

2. Select Search for a Uniform Bank Performance Report.

3. Identify an individual bank by entering one or more of the following criteria: FDIC Certificate Number, Name, City and State, State, Zip Code, County. Depending on the criteria entered (state, city, etc.) a list of banks may appear. Select a bank from that list.

4. Select one of the report formats: Standard, Previous Five or Custom. Standard option returns the most recent UBPR with the standard set of dates. The remaining options allow different combinations of dates. Bookmark this page before selecting Generate Report. A bookmark for each bank will allow fast access to the most recent UBPR information. The online UBPR will reflect Call Report data amendments, UBPR format changes, new ratios and any other updates.

5. Once the report is generated, pages may be selected for viewing from the menu on the left.

The blue download button will download UBPR data in text format which then can be opened and saved in Excel.

The blue Print button will display a UBPR formatted for printing. Set browser software to print in landscape format. Select pages to be printed. If the local internet connection is slow, select fewer pages to reduce the chances of being timed out. Remember - printed reports are static views at a set point in time. Subsequent Call Report amendments or changes will require reprinting the report. For that reason, please consider using the online version of the UBPR as much as possible.

For most web browsers all pages selected for printing will appear at one time. After the report is printed, the formatted report may also be viewed online.

If you have any comments or questions please email [email protected].