Uniform Bank Performance Report (UBPR)


To: Chief Executive Officer

Date: November 30, 2001

From: John M. Smullen, UBPR Coordinator

Subject: Paperless UBPR Distribution Update

Several changes were made to the UBPR website in November 2001. Those changes should allow for faster response time. Additionally, pages were reformatted to print with no rollover to a second page.

The FFIEC has distributed printed copies of the Uniform Bank Performance Report to all banks each quarter for several years at no charge. UBPR data is also sent to all federal and state bank supervisors. The general public can currently purchase a printed copy of the report. In general, the UBPR has proven to be an excellent analytical tool for comparing bank performance.

Last year the UBPR was made available to all users through the FFIEC website. Anyone can view, print or download the entire UBPR for any bank at no charge. Five years of continuous history is currently available. Advantages of the web version of the UBPR: 1. Update old printed copies of the UBPR for changes. 2. Select and mix data quarters at will. 3. Available at least two weeks earlier. 4. Bookmarking allows easy future reference.

To further enhance the site the FFIEC plans to add the following reports in the first quarter of 2002.

List of Banks in UBPR Peer Group - displays the banks assigned to each peer group.

Peer Group Data Report - displays peer group average data.

Peer Group Distribution Report - displays the range of values that underlie the peer group averages.

State Average Report - this report displays average UBPR ratio data by state.

The FFIEC believes the website is a viable substitute for the printed report. It is planning to discontinue mailing printed copies of the UBPR to banks in the first calendar quarter of 2002.

You are invited to try the online UBPR at www.ffiec.gov. Bookmark your bank and others for future reference. If you have any comments or questions please email cdr.help@ffiec.gov