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The National Information Center (NIC) provides comprehensive information on banks and other institutions for which  the Federal Reserve has a supervisory, regulatory, or research interest including both domestic and foreign banking organizations operating in the U.S. The NIC includes the organizational structure of financial institutions and financial information for some of those institutions. Historical information is available on the structure of all the institutions. Financial information is available for selected time periods.

In preparation for the financial institution enrollment process for the FFIEC's new Central Data Repository (CDR) later in 2005, institutions will register using their ID RSSD. For those institutions requiring assistance in identifying the ID RSSD, this site provides ID RSSD lookup functionality.

What’s New: National Information Center (NIC) Public Web Site Initial Release

    February 7, 2006

    The National Information Center Web Site has been redesigned and will be implemented on February 13, 2006. Most of the same information is still available on the new site, however, key new features include:

  • All data, current and historical, will be updated on a nightly basis (excluding weekends).
  • More robust Institution Search capabilities including the ability to search by institution identification numbers such as Routing Transit Numbers.
  • Institution Profiles which include characteristic data and links to structure data (such as the Organization Hierarchy, Branch Locator, and Institution History Reports) as well as financial data for selected institutions.
  • Financial statements for bank holding companies filing the BHCPR, FR Y-9C, FR Y-9LP, and FR Y-9SP and U.S Branches and Agencies of FBOs filing the FFIEC 002 report.
  • Report Display System Requirements of the NIC Public Web Site are Netscape Browser 6.x/higher or Internet Explorer 5.x/higher. To check the version, go to Help > About Communicator (or Internet Explorer). Use of a dial-up modem connection is not recommended.

    Note: The average size of a report (e.g., the FR Y-9C reporting form) is 1/2 to 1 megabyte. The time required to display a report will vary based upon your Internet connection speed. The BHCPR is much larger and takes notably more time to display than other report forms when compared to the old web site. However, the BHCPR may be displayed via the 3 breakdown report links at 2 megabytes each or via the entire report link at 6.7 megabytes. An enhancement, scheduled for early March 2006, will resolve this performance issue.

    Also note that the ability to export a BHCPR report to EXCEL is no longer available. However, the option is being explored as a future enhancement.

  • As part of this redesign, we are eliminating creating financial reports where links exist through other banking agencies. Financial data will not be provided for commercial banking institutions, savings and loan associations or credit unions. URL links will be provided to those agency reports.

What's new
As of December 21, 2005

  • Financial Statements for all Holding Companies have been updated for 09/30/2005.(Posted on 12/21/2005.)
  • Performance Ratios(BHCPR data) for Holding Companies have been updated for 09/30/2005.(Posted on 12/21/2005.)
  • Reports of Condition and Income for Banks(CALL data) have been updated for 09/30/2005.(Posted on 12/07/2005.)
  • Financial Statements for the Top 50 Holding Companies have been updated for 09/30/2005.(Posted on 11/25/2005.)
  • Thrift Financial Reports for Savings and Loans have been updated for 06/30/2005.(Posted on 11/15/2005.)
  • Financial Statements for Credit Unions have been updated for 06/30/2005.(Posted on 09/12/2005.)
  • Reports of Condition and Income for Banks(CALL data) have been updated for 03/31/2002 through 06/30/2004.(Posted on 10/28/2004.)
  • Updates on how Institution Activity is determined for Finance Company (FNC), Agreement Corporation Banking (AGB), Agreement Corporation Investment (AGI), Edge Act Banking (EDB), Edge Act Investment (EDI) and Data Processing Services (DPS), were made on May 29, 2004.
  • Effective 01/20/2004, changes were implemented to the Organization Hierarchy functionality. The following change was made at the request of several financial institutions, and will more accurately reflect control within an organizational hierarchy. As a result, a subsidiary(s) owned by a noncontrolled investment will no longer be displayed. This is the case regardless of whether the noncontrolled entity owns a bank holding company, a foreign banking organization, or a domestic depository institution.

  • Due to the complexities associated with this change, the Graphical Tiering option will no longer be available on the NIC Public Website.

Note: Please verify the system requirements before requesting financial reports.

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