A Guide To HMDA Reporting: Getting It Right!

* 2006 A Guide To HMDA Reporting PDF File

      The 2006 edition was updated with the following:

  • Minor clarification changes were made to pages 1 through 29.
  • Regulation cites were included that require OTS and OCC reporters to report denial reasons on denied loans; see page 10.
  • "Transmitting the Data" was updated to reflect a separate and complete LAR shall be submitted for each institution; for example, submit one LAR for a bank and a separate LAR for a subsidiary of the bank. See page 25.
  • Loan/Application Register resubmission procedures were added; see page 26.
  • The OMB number for HUD was updated on the Transmittal Sheet form from "2502-0529" to "2502-0539"; and the OMB assigned a number to the NCUA of "3133-0166". See pages A-12 and C-1.
  • The reprint of the "Official Staff Commentary on Regulation C" in appendix D was updated to reflect the asset threshold for 2006 ($35 million); see page D-4.
  • Vero Beach, FL Metropolitan Statistical Area (code 46940) was changed to Sebastian-Vero Beach, FL Metropolitan Statistical Area (code 42680). The only county in MSA 42680 is Indian River (code 061); see page F-4.
  • Information about the Federal Supervisory Agencies was revised; OTS regional office information was added; see Appendix G.

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