HMDA & PMIC Data Products

HMDA data provide information regarding home mortgage lending activity.

PMIC data contain the same variables as the HMDA data, but are voluntarily reported by private mortgage insurance companies. PMIC Aggregate & Disclosure data is available through 2012 only. PMIC Flat Files are available through 2013 only.

HMDA data generally become available by September of the year following the calendar year (CY) of the data. The data and reports can be used along with the Census demographic information for data analysis purposes.

LAR & TS Raw Data Windows Application, 2007 - 2016


This software allows the user to query the raw data on a loan-level basis. Search results and agency text files can be exported for further analysis.

Flat Files, 2014 - 2016


Loan-level data are also available as zipped raw flat files, which can be imported into statistical software packages or Microsoft Excel for analysis.

CFPB Maps, Charts, and Custom Queries, 2007 - 2016

Watch the short introductory video to learn about HMDA data. Explore local trends using interactive maps and charts. Advanced users can create custom data slices and summary tables. Download the data or share a link to your results. Software developers can use and contribute to the API.

National Aggregates, 1999 - 2016


These reports are a nationwide summation of the HMDA data. They indicate the number and dollar amounts of lending, cross-tabulated by loan applicant, and geographic characteristics.

Aggregate Reports (by Geography), 1999 - 2016


These reports summarize lending activity by MSA/MD.

Disclosure Reports (by Institution), 1999 - 2016


These reports summarize lending activity for individual institutions, both nationwide and by MSA/MD.

Historical Data

Archived HMDA data products are available through the National Archives.

Archived PMIC data products are available through the Data Order Form.


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