Custom Peer Group Report - This report allows a selected bank to be compared with the composite performance of a user defined peer group of banks. UBPR peer statistics are recomputed based on a user defined group of banks and displayed along with individual bank data in UBPR page format. Banks may be identified as peers by either entering ID RSSD numbers or using the built-in search engine

Similar to the UBPR this report is an analytical tool created for bank supervisory, examination, and management purposes. In a concise format, it shows the impact of management decisions and economic conditions on a bank's performance and balance-sheet composition. The performance and composition data contained in the report can be used as an aid in evaluating the adequacy of earnings, liquidity, capital, asset and liability management, and growth management. Bankers and examiners alike can use this report to further their understanding of a bank's financial condition, and through such understanding, perform their duties more effectively. From the FFIEC Central Data Repository's Public Data Distribution web site at the following URL address you will be able to select the Uniform Bank Performance Report from the Report drop down menu.

First select Custom Peer Group Report. Then to obtain a Custom Peer Group Report for a specific bank enter the ID RSSIDs of all the banks (including the one you want to compare to) you want to be included in the custom peer group. Separate each ID RSSID with a comma and then select Generate List .

Once Generate List is selected the screen below will appear. Note all of the banks previously entered will be listed and have a checked box which indicates these banks will be included in the custom peer group. Unselecting the checked box will remove the bank from the custom peer group. Also note the Compare To column defaults to the first bank entered. This is the subject bank that all other banks will be compared to. The user is able to change this bank to any of the other banks listed on the screen. The user can also add more banks to the custom peer group list by selecting Update List and export the list of banks to Excel by selecting Export list. Note a minimum of 6 banks are needed to generate peer group statistics.

To generate a Custom Peer Group Report select Select Report Format at the top of the page. The above print screen allows the user to select a Report Format. The Standard Report Format (which is the default) generates a UBPR using the period selected, one year prior, and three previous year-end dates. For example, if a Standard Report is chosen for 03/31/2018, the five quarters for the report will be 3/31/2018, 3/31/2017, 12/31/2017, 12/31/2016 and 12/31/2016. The system automatically derives the other four dates from the first date selected. The Custom Report Format generates a UBPR using the five dates selected by the user. Each of the five dates is selected using the drop down fields and each date must be filled for the custom report function to work properly.

Alternatively, enter one or more of the geographic or other criteria available at the bottom of the page: City, State or Territory, FRB District, County, Zip, Metropolitan Statistical Area, Subchapter, and Average Asset range. For example, entering Florida, checking the Subchapter box and selecting Search will return a list of all banks headquartered in Florida who have selected Subchapter S status. The Unique Identifier filed is disabled on this page. See print screen below.

Note in the print screen below there are three pages containing a list of banks that meet the search criteria previously entered. Select the arrow buttons or the page numbers located above the listing of the banks to toggle among the pages. The user can select the banks they want to include in the custom peer group by checking the boxes in the first column and then selecting Add to List.

After the user selects Add to List the page below will be generated. Just as previously mentioned the user can also add more banks to the custom peer group list by selecting Update List and export the list of banks to Excel by selecting Export List. Also note the Compare To column defaults to the first bank selected. This is the subject bank that all other banks will be compared to. Click on Select Report Format and choose either the Standard or Custom Report Format to generate Custom Peer Group Report.

The print screen below displays the Cover page for a Custom Peer Group Report that includes all of the Florida Subchapter S banks selected in the above print screen.

From the Cover Page a user can select to view any of the other 26 UBPR pages by selecting the appropriate UBPR page name link located on the left side of the page under the Table of Contents header. See print screen above. Additionally, the user can select to generate the State Average Report. The State Average Report can be generated by selecting the "State Average" link located at the bottom right of the Cover Page. See print screen above. The State Average Report generated will be based on the bank's headquarters location and whether it's a commercial or savings bank. See print second screen below

All of the functionality of the Custom Peer Group Report will be the same as the UBPR except the Custom Peer Group Report will 1) not have the online User's Guide and 2) contain peer group statistics based on the group of banks selected by the user. Also, the peer group column header changes to CPG. All other functionality remains the same as contained in the UBPR.