Quick Reference to CRA Edits
  • The CRA edits have been developed to ensure an error-free submission of the CRA data. These edits should be incorporated into your automated systems. Data reported will be edited using the edits specified in this document.

    * Edit Types
    1. Syntactical (S) - Loan records with errors that prevent these records from being loaded to the database. If they should be included on the FFIEC database, the data must be corrected. Examples range from incorrect activity dates to duplicate records (indicate that the property combination for those record identifiers was used more than once).

    2. Validity (V)- Loan records that have factually or logically incorrect information reported. The most common example is an incorrect census tract.

    3. Quality (Q) - Loan records that have information that may pass all syntactical and validity edits, but is statistically unusual and is subject to further investigation or review to ascertain correctness. An example is reported number of loans for specified loan type and purpose does not agree with an expected standard for total loan amount.

    * Note:
    V125 compares the number of records reported on the transmittal sheet to the number of records received in the submission. It does not have to be corrected in order for the data to be accepted as final and accurate. This edit is only performed to verify that all data have been received.

  • Any validity or syntactical edits that are not corrected will result in an erroneous disclosure statement. Loan records with edits will NOT be represented on the disclosure statement.

  • An error-free CRA Loan Submission will result in an accurate disclosure statement.