Regulation C

Regulation C and Official Staff Commentary

The Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act of 2010 (the Dodd-Frank Act) transferred HMDA rulemaking authority to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB). (Prior to that date, the Federal Reserve Board was responsible for writing Regulation C). The two Official Staff Commentary documents included in this section contain Federal Reserve staff interpretations of Regulation C. Future Official Staff Commentaries will be written by the CFPB and posted when available.

Available Formats:
*  Regulation C and Official Staff Commentary effective on January 1, 2004. PDF File
*  Regulation C and Official Staff Commentary effective for data through 2003. PDF File

FFIEC Issues Additional Guidance on HMDA Reporting

Based on analysis of 2004 HMDA data, the FFIEC believes that additional guidance is necessary to ensure that data are reported accurately. The areas of discussion pertain to: loans subject to the Home Ownership and Equity Protection Act (HOEPA loans); rate spread; preapprovals and additional sources of guidance.

Available Formats:
*  Guidance on Final 2004 HMDA data- Published December 5, 2005 PDF File
*  Guidance on Preliminary 2004 HMDA data- Published November 29, 2004 PDF File

Transition Rules

Transition rules provide lenders with guidance on collecting and reporting applications received before January 1, 2004 on which final action is taken in 2004.

Available Formats:
* Published May 28, 2003 PDF file

Final rule to amend Regulation C to revise the rules for reporting price information on higher-priced loans. The final rule is effective October 1, 2009. Compliance is mandatory for loan applications taken on and after October 1, 2009 and for loans that close on and after January 2, 2010 (regardless of their application dates).

Available Formats:
* Published October 13, 2008 PDF file

History of 2002 Amendments to Reg C and Commentary


Available Formats:
*  Amendments - published December 2003 PDF File
*  Amendments - published February 2002 PDF File
*  Delay of effective date - published May 2002 PDF File
*  Further amendments - published June 2002 PDF File
*  Amendments effective January 1, 2003 - published June 2002 PDF File