CRA Edits

CRA edits are divided into three edit types: Syntactical(S), Validity(V) and Quality (Q). Each type represents the severity of the error and should be thoroughly understood to ensure that the data are accurate and reported in their entirety. The CRA edits have been developed to ensure an error-free submission of the CRA data that are required to be reported by the regulations implementing the Community Reinvestment Act.

The CRA Edits are modified each year to include new data fields (if any) and enhance data quality. Please be sure you are using the appropriate year's edits to validate your CRA Data Submission.

Available Formats:

* 2024 PDF File | MS Word
* 2023 PDF File | MS Word
* 2022 PDF File | MS Word
* 2021 PDF File | MS Word
* 2020 PDF File | MS Word
* 2019 PDF File | MS Word
* 2018 PDF File | MS Word
* 2017 PDF File | MS Word

Other documents available:

* Historic edits
* Quick Reference to Understanding CRA Edits
* Explanation of Property Location and Assessment Area Edits