CRA Data Products

CRA data are generally released by August of the year following the calendar year of the data. 


National Aggregates, 1996-2022

These reports are a nationwide summation of the CRA data. They indicate the number and dollar amounts of lending, cross-tabulated by loan, applicant, and geographic characteristics. 


Aggregate Reports (by Geography), 1996-2022

These reports summarize the CRA lending information by MSA



Disclosure Reports (by Institution), 1996-2022

These reports summarize CRA lending information for individual institutions, both nationwide and by MSA.



Flat Files, 1996-2022

The combined flat files represent all of the CRA Aggregate and Disclosure report data.  The data can be imported into statistical software packages or Microsoft Excel for analysis.




If you are unable to access the summary tables or flat files online, you may order a CD-ROM by filling out the Data Order Form.  This option is only available for years 1996-2004.