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Most Recent HC Financial Data Available

March 2015 - Financial Statements are being processed.

BHCPR reports have not yet been calculated.

The National Information Center (NIC) is a central repository of data about banks and other institutions for which the Federal Reserve has a supervisory, regulatory, or research interest, including both domestic and foreign banking organizations operating in the United States. This web site provides access to NIC data, allowing the public to search for detailed information about banking organizations.

What's New?

May 15, 2015

  • FFIEC 102 data (Market Risk Regulatory Report for Institutions Subject to the Market Risk Capital Rule) is now available. The reporting form collects information on reporting institutions' value-at-risk-based measures, specific risk add-ons, incremental risk capital requirement, comprehensive risk capital requirement, and de minimis positions that pertain to the regulatory capital requirements for market risk under the federal banking agencies' market risk capital rule incorporated into Subpart F of the revised regulatory capital rules adopted by the federal banking agencies in July 2013. The Memoranda section of the reporting form collects additional data that pertain to the risk profiles of reporting institutions' trading activities.
Frequency of Updates

Data, including revisions, are updated daily during the business week. Financial statements are posted on a flow basis, and are updated if revisions are made by the reporting institutions.

Search Pages

The Institution Search allows you to search for both current and non-current institutions by name and location. The USBA Search allows you to search for U.S. branches and agencies of foreign banking organizations (FBOs). After performing a search, the institutions that match your criteria will be displayed.

HCs > $10B

The HCs > $10B page provides the list of all holding companies with total consolidated assets greater than $10 billion. To be included in this list, an institution must submit its assets on the FR Y-9C or FR 2320 forms and report total assets greater than $10 billion.

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