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Understanding the Top 50 HCs Search

    These are holding companies with the largest consolidated total assets and are ranked each quarter on a scale of 1 to 50.

    Column Headings displayed in the search screen from left to right is the

      1. Rank --- numbers 1 through 50 determines the position of the 50 largest HCs based on their consolidated total assets
      2. Institution Name and RSSD ID --- name and unique identifier assigned to each institution by the Federal Reserve
      3. Location --- physical city and state of the HC
      4. Total Assets --- the dollar value of the HC's consolidated total assets displayed in thousands of dollars (current quarter)
      5. Total Assets --- the dollar value of the HC's consolidated total assets displayed in thousands of dollars (previous quarter)

Financial data are received on a flow basis, which means all reports may not be available at the same time. When financial reports are not available for the current date, two Total Assets columns will be displayed. One for the current report period and one for the previous period.

  1. If a HC has data in both Total Assets columns, this means that financial reports have been received for both periods

  2. If a HC has data in the first Total Assets column only, this means that financial reports are available for the current period and no prior report was received because
    • the prior period data are confidential or
    • the HC filed a Top 50 report for the first time
  3. If 49 or fewer of the Top 50 HC reports are available, and both Total Assets columns are still visible, ranking will continue to be done based on the previous quarter's consolidated Total Assets

  4. When all Top 50 HC reports have been received, the second Total Assets column will no longer be displayed and ranking will be done.

Current quarter is the most recent as of date displayed until the next quarter's cycle begins and data is available.

The name(s) of the institution(s) in the list are hyperlinks. To view the institution's profile, click on a name in the list. The profile provides structure information about the institution and links to additional information,such as history, hierarchy, and financial data.

The profile for all institutions include Name, Location, Type, and RSSD ID (Id number assigned by the Federal Reserve Banks). However, the following additional information is provided for holding companies:

        1. Primary Regulator
        2. Activity
        3. Parent (Top Holder)

    Note: If the institution has a parent, the parent's name will also be displayed as a link. Click on the name to view the parent's profile. However, If the selected institution no longer exists, it will be stated in the screen.

    From the profile page, you my access the institution's organizational hierarchy report and its financial information;



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