Submitting CRA Data

* All institutions subject to data reporting requirements must report the data for a calendar year (CY) by March 1 of the subsequent year. For example, data for CY 2004 should be reported by March 1 of 2005.

* Each institution subject to data reporting requirements must, at a minimum, submit in electronic format: 1) a transmittal sheet, 2) a definition of its assessment area(s), and 3) a record of its Community Development (CD) loans. (If the institution does not have CD loans to report, the record should be sent with "0" in the CD loan composite data fields.)

* The Federal Reserve Board is handling the processing of the reports for all the primary regulators. Data may be submitted on diskette, CD-ROM, or via Internet e-mail.

CRA respondents are encouraged to send their data via the Internet. E-mail a properly encrypted CRA file (using the FFIEC software only Internet e-mail export feature) to the below e-mail address:

Please mail diskette or CD-ROM submissions to:

Federal Reserve Board
Attention: CRA Processing
20th & Constitution Avenue, NW
MS N502
Washington, DC 20551-0001

If you have additional questions on submitting/resubmitting CRA data, please Contact Us.