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Ordering Data through National Archives

HMDA data files and reports for prior years are available through the National Archives in various media formats, including DVD/CD.

Step 1: Go to the National Archives catalog.

Step 2: Search for one of the identifier numbers below:

  • Home Mortgage Disclosure Data Files, compiled 1981 - 2009
    Includes TS/LAR and Panel Ultimate and Final Data, identifier number 2456161

  • Home Mortgage Disclosure Reports, compiled 1990 - 2009
    Includes National Aggregate and Aggregate Reports, identifier number 2462357

  • Mortgage Lending Assessment Data Files, compiled 1990 - 2009
    Includes CRA/HMDA Combined Census files, identifier number 4700101

  • Disclosure Statement Report Files, compiled 1990 - 2009
    Includes Disclosure Statements, identifier number 4699299

Step 3: Contact the National Archives with your request, using the contact information given in the record.

For details about ordering, technical specifications, and fees, visit the National Archives electronic records.